Turn an Ultra Voice Changer emailed audio file into a ringtone or notification

Suppose you receive an email from a friend containing an audio file that was created by Ultra Voice Changer (or Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer) and you want to turn it into a ringtone or notification ?

Here's a recipe you can follow:

  1. Install the free Android Market app, called "Download All Files" (by HwkRbbt Software) onto your Android phone.

  2. Run 'Download All Files' at least once so that it will be able to integrate with your Gmail app.

  3. Also, make sure you've run Ultra Voice Changer (or Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer) at least once, to ensure that Favorites directory has been created properly.

  4. In your Gmail app, go to the email which contains your audio file.

  5. Select the 'Preview' button. When prompted with 'Complete action using', you should now see a 'Download All Files' option. Select this option.

  6. Change the (save to) Folder to /Android/data/com.kimusoft.ultra_voice_changer

  7. Change the file name to be more descriptive, BUT be sure to add a .wav extension to the file. So you could change the filename from: GmailAttachment to Cool Ringtone.wav (the .wav extension is IMPORTANT, else Ultra Voice Changer will not be able to detect this file later on..).

  8. Run 'Ultra Voice Changer' and click on the 'Favorites' tab. You should now see 'Cool Ringtone.wav' in your list of favorites (it will appear visually as 'Cool Ringtone') .

  9. You should now be able to turn 'Cool Ringtone' into a ringtone from within Ultra Voice Changer. (press the ringtone button, which looks like a musical note)


  1. Would it possible to add a feature to the paid version that allows for a change in pitch? I can't quite get my voice to sound like a Dalek regardless of which "Cyborg" or "Robot" voice I choose.


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