Ultra Voice Changer : Troubleshooting Checklist

If you are unable to record audio

If you are unable to record audio using this app, try the following things, in order:

  1. Speak closely into the microphone.

  2. Raise the speaker volume on your phone/device.

  3. Raise the recording volume from within the app.

  4. Also, if you have a bluetooth headset and you are not able to record audio or just hear static, try turning your bluetooth headset off and see if that resolves the issue.

  5. If the above steps fail, try rebooting your phone (to rule out unwanted interference from other apps that may have been running on your phone) and see if you are then able to record using Ultra Voice Changer.

If you hear excessive static during playback

If you hear excessive static during playback, try lowering your recording volume and make a new recording using this lower recording volume setting.

If you *still* hear excessive static during playback, either your sdcard or your device's CPU may not be fast enough for simultaneous real time voice effect transformation and playback. Instead of clicking on the play button, click on the floppy disk button, to save the voice effect as a favorite. Then, play this saved voice effect from the Favorites tab. If you get better results this way, use it as a workaround.


  1. What to do if as soon as the program opens, you see a message about unable to open media transport ?


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