Super Wallpaper Lite macOS app

My latest app, only available on the Mac platform, is called: "Super Wallpaper Lite". Add life to your boring desktop wallpaper! The app uses screensavers to bring animations to your desktop. You can see a video demo here:  Super Wallpaper Lite You can get it at the Mac App Store. There's also a premium version, "Super Wallpaper", which is also available at the Mac App Store. Check it out!

Privacy policy for Ultra Voice Changer 2

This privacy policy governs your use of the software application “Ultra Voice Changer 2”, for mobile devices, that was created by UChin Kim. The Application records the user’s speech and plays it back using various voice filters and effects. What information does the Application obtain and how is it used? No user information is collected. User Information   No user information is collected. Automatically Collected Information   No device information is collected. Does the Application collect precise real time location information of the device? We do NOT collect precise information about the location of your mobile device.  Do third parties see and/or have access to information obtained by the Application? We do NOT collect or disseminate private information to third parties.   Automatic Data Collection and Advertising No personal data is collected or used by us. We use Google’s Admob interface to generate and present ads to the user. ( Google’s Admob int
Phone Ultra Voice Changer (now available on Google Play) call your buddies using different voice effects !
A nice review of Ultra Voice Changer ! Ultra Voice Changer review

check out the iRig Mic Cast Microphone !

Check out the promo video that I created for my business affiliate, IK Multimedia: promo video They've got a cool external microphone which you can plug into your Android device (make sure your Android device can accept an external microphone via the headphone port) or your iPhone. The demo was recorded on on my Motorola Defy (Android 4.1.1, with CyanoGen Mod 10.0) with an iRig Mic Cast microphone plugged in. It's a cool little mike that records better than the built in microphone and it looks pretty cool too. :). For more information on the iRig Mic Cast microphone, you can check it out here:

Technical Support

For technical support for Ultra Voice Changer and Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer, you should first check out this dedicated Google Groups site: Ultra Voice Changer at Google Groups For all other technical support, you can email me directly at kimusoft at

Discussion Board for "Ultra Voice Changer"

Here are the links to access the Discussion Board for both Ultra Voice Changer and Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer:   Ultra Voice Changer Discussion Board on Google Groups  Bitly version of url:  You should be able to find quick solutions there or post a question if you don't see a solution to your particular problem.