Friday, March 4, 2011

Ultra Voice Changer Demo

Here's a sample of 3 voice effects you can create using the Ultra Voice Changer:


  1. Hi, this is to let you know that your "Ultra Voice Changer" app is featured today on "Adam Curry's Free Big App Show" app in a 3 minute on screen demo. (see

    With over 3 million apps downloaded by my audience monthly, I hope you'll see a nice spike in downloads of your app.

    If you blog, tweet or facebook about the 'appisode', please let your users know about the Big App Show for iPhone and Android at

    Kind regards,

    Adam Curry

  2. Any news on when this will work with Atrix?

  3. Hi UChin -

    Our application testing team was recently testing your app on the soon to be released HTC Status(tm) Android device (aka HTC ChaCha) and found that the app was displaying sideways (portrait) rather than landscape.

    The default orientation on most Android devices is portrait, however, on some Android devices such as the HTC Status (aka HTC ChaCha), the default orientation is landscape. What this means is that unless you programmatically check for the orientation on devices whose default is landscape, your apps will come out looking rotated if your app assumes the default orientation is portrait.

    In order to programmatically check for the orientation, you must first get the Display from the WindowManager:

    Display disp = (( WindowManager ) getSystemService( WINDOW_SERVICE ) ).getDefaultDisplay();

    Then, you can get the width, height, and orientation of the Display as follows:

    int w = disp.getWidth();
    int h = disp.getHeight();
    int rotation = disp.getRotation();

    Now, if the width is greater than the height, then you know that the device is in landscape mode. If the rotation is also 0, then the default orientation is landscape. If the rotation is 1, or ROTATE_90, then you know the default orientation is portrait.

    On a related note, when you want to design your app differently for landscape mode and you want the system to pick it up automatically, you’ll want to put your layout XML file and drawables inside /res/layout-land/.

    Got Questions?
    Representatives from the AT&T developer support team are here to help:
    • AT&T Support:
    • AT&T Live Chat: Click here
    We appreciate your continued development efforts and support, and we hope to see your titles on the HTC Status in the near future.

    Best regards,
    The AT&T Developer Program Team

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